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Exclusive Interview: OneRepublic Talk Musical Evolution in New Album 'Native'

Written By King on Monday, November 19, 2012 | 12:22 AM

After a long wait since 2009's "Waking Up", OneRepublic finally come out with good news that they will release their third album this coming November. Slated to be titled "Native", the upcoming studio set has boasted critics' darling single "Feel Again", which is highly praised for being "wonderfully catchy."

Building the anticipation of the release of "Native", guitarist Zach Filkins took some time to exclusively discuss the Colorado band's much-awaited album and what they would offer to fans in their latest studio effort. Revealing that the record would mark the band's evolution in music, Filkins also dished on when fans could anticipate their new single off the album.

ASB: Your fans have been waiting for the follow-up to 2009's "Waking Up" for quite a while, and their long wait is almost over since you announced that your third album is set to come out this fall. Can you tell us about what fans can expect from the anticipated record?

Zach Filkins: First off, yes, it's been a long while since we last released an official album and for everyone's patience we are very thankful! This third album, slated to be titled "Native"s, like most current expressions, the evolution of our music. It also represents what we think is lacking in our rep i.e. more uptempo songs! Instrumentally we include more keyboards and synths, more sounds with no definitive source, and larger more gospel inspired vocals.

ASB: Now let's talk about your new single "Feel Again". Why did you choose it as the lead single off your next album?

Zach Filkins: The answer is easy, once we all heard what "Feel Again" was becoming in demo form, it was a unanimous decision between the five of us, no question. Some songs tell you what they are and this one made itself clear!

ASB: The song itself is set to benefit Save the Children's Every Beat Matters campaign. How did you find inspiration that could fit perfectly to the theme of the song?

Zach Filkins: The theme of "Feel Again" encompasses a few different aspects to the human condition so we don't claim to know what it is about exactly. However, the Save the Children campaign was a no brainer for us as their main goal is to rescue children from all types of very treatable conditions which threaten their ability to live life in the moment and without restraint. "Feel Again", along with other sentiments, shares the common goal of shedding restrictions and living free.

ASB: Why did you choose to donate the sales of "Feel Again" to Save the Children's campaign?

Zach Filkins: Our choice to donate earnings from "Feel Again" was from a humble desire to give a bit more than just a few moments of our time.

ASB: Do you tend to use personal experiences as inspiration for your songs?

Zach Filkins: Our songs are largely based on real life experiences, relationships, life in general, and sometimes what the song itself is telling us.

ASB: "Feel Again" is a very upbeat song. Does that mean we can anticipate more up-tempo tracks on the new album?

Zach Filkins: This third album is most definitely more upbeat and positive yet still containing weight and gravity largely due to its gospel influence.

ASB: We already can't wait for the next single to come out. Have you decided which song will be the second single of your new album? And when can we expect it?

Zach Filkins: The second single is a complete mystery! We aren't lacking in songs that WE think could be second singles but we feel the decision should somehow be made with the help of fans and general reaction to the songs. So the second single will most likely show up after the album is released.

ASB: You have previously released multi-platinum singles and two very successful albums. Is it a motivation or challenge for you to make an equally successful new album?

Zach Filkins: I think the motivation for us more than anything is to keep producing new music despite what the reaction has been in the past to our songs. There is always pressure to maintain a certain 'track record' but I think the more we ignore that, the more we will conserve energy to progress, change, and remain true.

ASB: Are you optimistic that this upcoming album could surpass the achievements scored by your previous albums?

Zach Filkins: Yes, very positive! I am more optimistic about this album than any other. Not optimistic of raw success, but optimistic that our fans and future fans will be as pleased and moved as we are. If not, we'll try again.

ASB: There was a three-year gap between "Waking Up" and your upcoming album. During that period, what were you guys doing as side projects?

Zach Filkins: The side project thing is insane. Between the five of us we have either collectively or individually committed time to family, having kids, other music from albums/songs that will eventually show up to music that will never leave our hard drives, acting, producing, screen writing, home remodeling, traveling, playing music with other friends, movie scoring, learning German, sharp shooting, and I know I'm leaving most of it out.

Zach Filkins: We are not perfect, we are rusty humans, we can't make everyone happy and we can't always say everything right, but we are thankful to every fan and we know without fans we are musicians in a vacuum. So thank you and enjoy our third album!

OneRepublic's latest single "Feel Again" has been available on iTunes since August 27.
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