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What's Up With Gaga? : Stoned Disney Princess in "ARTPOP" Album, Flashes Breasts

Written By Sizzling LEO on Monday, August 27, 2012 | 1:40 AM

Welcome back to What's Up With Gaga?! I'm Misty Monster, bringing you your weekly Gaga news. At the top of the week, we learned Gaga admitted to vomiting backstage in the middle of her Bucharest, Romania show on August 16th. She confessed to the audience upon her arrival back on stage, "I went backstage and vomited, and I did not want you to see this... It happens to me sometimes." Well, while we are not entirely sure why this happens to her sometimes we hope it's not a cry for help, but rather her channeling "Partynauseous" her upcoming collab with Kendrick Lamar.

Next, we learned of a possible new collaboration this time with rapper Azealia Banks. The two engaged in a Twitter chat, and now seems they may be working together. Azealia tweeted on August 21st "When Mother Monster Calls..." to which Gaga retweeted and added one of her own, "Can you make '99 Problems' my ring tone for when I call you, and then should 'Bitch Ain't One' at me when you pick up?" Uhh hopefully that's an inside joke. We'll keep on the lookout for more news on this update.

Next, we were shocked to see Mother Monsters bare her breasts in a recent "Monstervision 3" vlog seen on her YouTube channel. In one of three home video clips that Gaga shares with Little Monster fans, it is Christmas Day and Gaga is dancing to her song "Sheisse" with her Mom and shocks us by flashing the camera!

We were however not surprised to see Gaga defending Prince Harry who's nude pics from a wild night in Vegas were circling the Internet this week. Gaga tweeted, "but truly f*ck off to whatever shitty friend took those pictures and leaked them." In a previous tweet which Gaga after deleted she gushed, "HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT. Hope no ones mad at him for that, I'm certainly not #RoyalsArePeopleToo." We personally love her hashtag, and her trying to lessen the blow with his family when he returns to England today.

The saddest Gaga news of the week came Thursday when Gaga tweeted the delay of her upcoming song "Partynauseous", a collaboration with pal Kendrick Lamar. Gaga wrote, "Im REALLY sorry to the fans. Record w Kendrick won't be out on the 6th I'm SO SORRY its not my album I don't control dates. But stay tuned!" The upcoming song was set to debut September 6th, the same night as the MTV VMAs and was reported to overshadow the award show since Gaga wasn't nominated for any awards. No word yet on when it will actually be released.

Last, in Gaga news, she has teased us about what her upcoming album 'ARTPOP' will sound like! Via tweets sent to her BFF and makeup artist Tara Savelo, Gaga revealed the album is inspired by drugs and Disney Princesses. Tara tweeted first writing, "Nothing like watching @LadyGaga in her waspy white sweater and brown hair write the hardest record of all time. #maryjaneholland" to which Mother Monster responded, "@TaraSavelo well I was going for a more stoned Disney princess kinda vibe. Not so much?" We don't think Disney is going to be so fond of this reference, but we kinda love it. It's no secret that Gaga smokes pot, so what do you guys think these new songs will sound like?

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