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Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacy's Fate

Written By Sizzling LEO on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 3:29 AM

Emma Stone recently sat down with director Cameron Crowe to talk about her life and career for Interview Magazine and of course the topic of her portrayal of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man came up and she shared her thoughts on where she'd like to see the character end up.

Stone revealed that the question she is most asked by Spider-Man fans is what will happen to her character Gwen Stacy and will the films stay true to her comic book story. As most of you probably know, Peter Parker's first love is killed when she is thrown off a bridge by the Green Goblin. Though Spider-Man is able to use his web to grab her leg, she is dead when he pulls her back onto the bridge. Though it is unclear if Gwen died from the fall or because of Spider-Man's attempt to save her, her death had a major impact not only on Parker, but also the comic world.

It's doubtful that Stone actually knows the fate of her character in the films as the next installment is currently in the process of being written for a May 2nd, 2014 release, but she did say she hopes audiences will get a chance to see her character perish in a similar manner to the comics saying, "The person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing... I want to stay true to that."

So now we know how she feels about Gwen Stacy's death, what about you? Do you want to see her perish as a result of Spider-Man trying to save her like in the comics or would you rather see her go out another way or not die at all? And do you think it should happen in the next film or wait for part three? Give us your theories below .........
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